What Love Really Is

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- Written by Satyen Raja

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Are you ready for what Love really is? Of course, what Love fully Is cannot be expressed with any type of words.  No matter how beautiful and eloquent the words could be, they would fall short of describing what real Love Is. Words are not what define Love. Love is beyond words. Love is beyond.  

To be ready to receive what Love Is, you are going to have to do your best to open your Heart in order to perceive what is behind the words.
Love is your sense of oneness. Oneness is your ability to be at one. It is your capacity to feel less separation and to feel more togetherness, more oneness, more union.
Oneness is dropping any association that is based in the past in order to have a fresh and dynamic coming together in the present. You may know someone from your past, but what is important is your ability to be at one with them in the present. That is what Love truly Is. 
You can have Love, union, with: a flower; a piece of art; a piece of music; a baby; an idea; a relationship; a mountain; a car; anything.  What makes you feel a grand oneness with things, a connection that is beyond your mind?
Nature can easily bring you deeper into union, deeper into Love.  A hazy sunrise, the wide ocean, a single wave, a violent thunderstorm, a deep forest…can all bring you into the reality of oneness.
Love is not definable. It is just the sense that you are closer to someone. The closer you are, the more Love there is. Can you Love someone, and be totally pissed off at them?  Yes.
 Love is knowing that whatever is going on Is Love. 
You can have connection, union, oneness with anything. You can have Love with anything. The Feminine knows this because the Feminine is the living expression of Love. Everything the Feminine does or does not do is for the fulfillment of Love.
Men, what makes you want to defend – even fight and kill – like a gladiator? It is a purpose. It is a Love for something: Love of a leader, love of an ideal, Love of your comrade, Love of your family…
You know what Love Is. What you can learn is how to have this energy, this oneness at any time, in any state and under any conditions. Once you truly know what Love Is, you will not be able to live your life as you have. To know what Love Is…is to be moved to Love.

About the Author

Satyen Raja


A remarkable living synthesis of Eastern wisdom and of Western practicality, Satyen Raja combines the power of the Warrior and the wisdom of the Sage to inspire audiences worldwide. Satyen is a unique blend of power and of heart. He is a Kung-Fu Master, the author of Living Ecstasy and a trainer of the renowned Illumination Intensive. He has taught thousands of students around the world the art of 'true power'. Satyen's dramatic style is not for the timid. Through his teachings, your weaknesses become strengths... Quickly!