7 Critical Medical Reasons To Have Frequent Sex That Will Save Your Life!

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- Written by Dr. Joni and Esther

Now we have scientific evidence that having and maintaining a healthy sex life is key to your health and longevity. There are emotional reasons to have frequent sex as well, but the evidence by medical practitioners is consistent…sex is good for your health!

 Now, what do we mean by sex? We define sex as having an orgasm, whether by yourself or with a partner. It is the physical process of having an orgasm that releases chemicals in our bodies that gives us these benefits. The best part is that we keep these chemical levels elevated for up to 36 hours after having had orgasmic sex.

So what are the 7 reasons?

1)    Sex increases your immune system.

Frequent sex lowers your potential to get infections. This includes the H1N1 virus and other flu viruses.

2)    Orgasms increase bladder health.  

The muscles used in men and women during climax are referred to as the PC muscles. Contraction of these muscles stimulate the prostate and help contract against the vessels of the urinary system, thus helping to reduce incontinence later in life for men and women.

3)    Decrease the risk of prostate cancer.

Male orgasms are a result of contraction of muscles surrounding the prostate gland, which aids in the ejaculatory response. Frequent orgasms keep the prostate healthier due to the more frequent stimulation of the glandular tissue.

4)    Healthy sex keeps your heart healthy and lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Good sexual activity gets your heart pumping and keeps the blood vessels open by allowing the blood to flow throughout the body. In many case of Erectile Dysfunction, there are already signs of cardiovascular disease which disables the ability for a man to maintain an erection.

5)    Reduce risk of bone loss

Sexual activity decreases the chances of osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones, a common cause of hip fractures when we fall later in life.

6)    Keeps you in good shape by burning calories!

You can burn 100-150 calories by having 30 minutes of sexual activity. This is the best diet invented…having longer sexual encounters burn even more calories, so go for the sexual marathon to stay fit!

7)    Increases longevity

People who have frequent sex add 3-8 years to their lives. In addition, women report that their skin stays tighter and more youthful. Throw away the Botox and crawl into bed!
How frequent is “frequent”?
In order to maintain maximum effects from having sex more often, it is recommended to have sex every 24-36 hours. That way the chemicals that our bodies produce stay with us and maintain the benefits described above.
So, whether you are in a couple or are single, you can reap the benefits of frequent sex..it is better than an apple a day! Make frequent dates with yourself or with your partner, get sexy and keep healthy!

About the Author

Dr. Joni and Esther


Dr. Joni Frater is a retired dentist and educator who specialized in working with patients to overcome their fears. She is now an author, speaker and radio host. Esther Lastique has spent her life as an educator and was chosen as one of Glamour Magazine’s Top Ten College Women for her commitment to activism. She joins Dr. Joni as co-host of their radio show Love Her Right. Together they founded www.LoveHerRight.com, which features a sexy podcast radio show, a membership site, and a total relationship support system. The team has been featured on radio shows around the globe including Playboy XM Sirius Radio, sharing their message of revitalizing relationships by reigniting the passion within.